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2009 iVIE Video Gallery


= Nominated Entry.
= Winning Entry.

  Grand Recognition Award Winners  

 The Boulevard (Film ID: 1313) (MOV)
 Toxic Elements in Batteries (Film ID: 1110) (MOV)
 Whaley House (Film ID: 1172) (MOV)

  3-5 Language Arts - History  

 Prepositions...And All That Jazz! (Film ID: 1187) (MOV)  Category Award Recipient
 We The Students (Film ID: 1047) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Acting
 "Summer, Please Pay Attention!" (Film ID: 1095) (MOV)  Spirit of iVIE
 Possibilities (Film ID: 1188) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Global Awareness
 Puppet Plays A-Z (Film ID: 1315) (MOV)  Special Achievement in a How-To video
 The True Story of the Gold Rush (Film ID: 1351) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Costumes
 Jack The Dripper! (Film ID: 1361) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Biography
In the Beginning of the Beginning (Film ID: 1057) (MOV)
The Four Types of Sentences (Film ID: 1063) (MOV)
Honesty (Film ID: 1069) (MOV)
Voting 101: Know Your Candidate (Film ID: 1077) (MOV)
Hyperboles (Film ID: 1079) (MOV)
Make it Visual (Film ID: 1080) (MOV)
Summarize, Summarize, Summarize (Film ID: 1082) (MOV)
adjectives (Film ID: 1109) (MOV)
Playground Safety (Film ID: 1124) (MOV)
Learning Word Origins Through Music (Film ID: 1130) (MOV)
The Life of a Gold Miner (Film ID: 1135) (MOV)
Got Character? (Film ID: 1149) (MOV)
Don't Blow Your Top! (Film ID: 1162) (MOV)
As Tasty As A Gingerbread Man (Film ID: 1163) (MOV)
Turning a Bully Into a Friend (Film ID: 1164) (MOV)
Sailing Back Through History (Film ID: 1178) (MOV)
Becoming an Independent Reader (Film ID: 1182) (MOV)
Character Counts! In Every Country (Film ID: 1195) (MOV)
The Great Buffalo Hunt on the Plains (Film ID: 1218) (MOV)
Miss Shuford's Class "Reads Between the Lines" (Film ID: 1224) (MOV)
SEM-R (Film ID: 1282) (MOV)
  3-8 Public Service Announcement  

 Slip Away (Film ID: 1103) (MOV)  Category Award Recipient
 No Weed, No pain, No problem (Film ID: 1087) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Writing for a PSA
 Eat A Carrot Instead (Film ID: 1314) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Comedy
Invisible Children (Film ID: 1050) (MOV)
Poverty (Film ID: 1051) (MOV)
Smoking (Film ID: 1052) (MOV)
Drunk Driving (Film ID: 1053) (MOV)
Deforestation (Film ID: 1054) (MOV)
Animal Abuse (Film ID: 1055) (MOV)
Child Abuse (Film ID: 1056) (MOV)
We Take a Stand (Film ID: 1058) (MOV)
Game Addicts:Get A Life (Film ID: 1086) (MOV)
Silent But Distracting (Film ID: 1088) (MOV)
Global Warming (Film ID: 1089) (MOV)
This is Your Orange on Drugs (Film ID: 1098) (MOV)
Smoking - Why Start?? (Film ID: 1104) (MOV)
No Regrets (Film ID: 1140) (MOV)
Stay Green (Film ID: 1145) (MOV)
Why Do Kids Join Gangs? (Film ID: 1153) (MOV)
Safety (Film ID: 1177) (MOV)
Stealing PSA (Film ID: 1233) (MOV)
Water Conservation (Film ID: 1236) (MOV)
Read to Achieve! (Film ID: 1238) (MOV)
College Bound (Film ID: 1255) (MOV)
Stop Gangs (Film ID: 1256) (MOV)
Gang Violence (Film ID: 1275) (MOV)
One More Shot (Film ID: 1289) (MOV)
One Piece (Film ID: 1290) (MOV)
Cell Phone (Film ID: 1301) (MOV)
Save the Dogs (Film ID: 1302) (MOV)
Fire Safety (Film ID: 1304) (MOV)
Hunger (Film ID: 1305) (MOV)
Pollution (Film ID: 1306) (MOV)
Water: Save It or Lose It (Film ID: 1307) (MOV)
Recycling (Film ID: 1308) (MOV)
Smoking (Film ID: 1310) (MOV)
Stranger Danger (Film ID: 1321) (MOV)
HIV Experienced (Film ID: 1349) (MOV)
Words Make A Difference (Film ID: 1377) (MOV)
  6-8 Broadcast Journalism  

 Our Fallen Soldier (Film ID: 1168) (MOV)  Category Award Recipient
 Channel B News (Film ID: 1197) (MOV)  Category Award Recipient
 Whaley House (Film ID: 1172) (MOV)  6-8 Grand Recognition Award
 MotoCross (Film ID: 1174) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Sports Editing
 West Nile Virus Report (Film ID: 1207) (MOV)  Special Achievement in Field Reporting
Yo Yo Craze (Film ID: 1167) (MOV)
Operation Thin Mint (Film ID: 1169) (MOV)
Carlsbad Waterpolo (Film ID: 1173) (MOV)
Energy Drinks (Film ID: 1175) (MOV)
  6-8 Math/Science  

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